VFA’s Site Linear module extends the power of VFA Software to address the unique needs of linear and infrastructure assets – assets such as steam, water, electrical distribution systems, sanitary and storm sewers, parking lots, pedestrian paving and more. Its integrated design provides a holistic approach that lets you optimize your capital planning and management decisions for both building and linear assets together. The Site Linear software can be used either directly by your assessment professionals or together with VFA’s Assessment Services to provide you with a holistic facilities capital planning solution.


  • Understand the condition of key infrastructure assets that support your day-to-day business operations, and identify specific areas of risk
  • Evaluate your complete capital requirements, including both buildings and linear / infrastructure assets in your funding analyses to better understand short term and long term capital needs and trade-offs
  • Streamline the collection and maintenance of linear asset data in multiple ways: leverage existing data, collect data via VFA’s mobile technologies, or employ your own or 3rd party assessment professionals
  • Effectively communicate condition and capital needs using maps, graphs and reports

Site Linear Network Map with Summary Report

Holistic Facilities Capital Planning  – Easily collect, track, analyze, report on, and maintain data related to both building
and linear assets in the same repository using a common set of tools.  

Key Features

  • Network Manager
  • Expanded Asset Types
  • Support for Multi-Point Asset Visualization
  • Linear / Infrastructure System Templates
  • Funding & Budget Integration
  • Network Reports
  • Mobile Survey Support

Introducing Network Manager

At the heart of VFA’s Site Linear module is a concept we call a Network. A Network is a collection of assets that you group together for analysis and reporting purposes.  A network can contain all linear assets (such as multiple segments of steam pipe in a steam pipe network) or a combination of asset types (for example, a steam supply system along with the buildings it serves). VFA’s Site Linear module makes it simple to create, manage, analyze and display Networks using the same repository and tools that you use for the rest of your VFA data.

Within the VFA.facility Assets module, use the Network manager to group assets into multi-level Networks, view them on maps and report on Network value and condition using the Network Manager.

Site Linear Network Manager

Create Networks with up to four levels of hierarchy and associate multiple assets with a network.