VFA.facility® facilities capital planning software includes a wide range of information about your organization’s real estate portfolio, including the location and condition of assets, the cost of capital renewals, and funding needs over time.

While the capital planning team is usually the primary creator and user of facility condition data, cost estimates and “what if” funding scenarios, information about the entire asset and property portfolio can be valuable to a much wider group of stakeholders.

VFA FacilityViewTM unlocks the value of VFA.facility data for stakeholders across the organization, including executives, department heads, risk managers, environmental or energy managers, building occupants and community members. It provides quick and secure access to key information about the entire facilities portfolio on a desktop or mobile tablet.

Access VFA FacilityView on multiple devices


  • Easily Find Assets for Quicker Decisions - Search for regions, campuses or assets by name, or select groups of assets that match specific criteria. It is easy to save searches for easy future reference.
  • Multiple Levels of Detail for Management Insight - See summary information about a group of assets, such as type, use, age, replacement value and condition, browse an asset list and map, or view details about an individual asset, including requirements by priority, category or system, details about an individual asset, including requirements by priority, category or system.
  • Intuitive Map Interface for Quick Access - Browse search results on a map and go directly into asset details.
  • User-Configurable Views Save Time - Each user can choose the summary content they wish to see and configure placement on the summary view.
  • Use with Apple iPad or Desktops for Maximum Flexibility - Access VFA FacilityView on an Apple iPad, Apple iMac desktop, or Windows computer with Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Get Started Quickly with Simple User Management - Manage users with the existing VFA.facility Security module. Add current VFA.facility users along with new ones specific to VFA FacilityView.

More questions?  See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or download the VFA FacilityView Product Data Sheet.