VFA Assessment Library – The VFA.auditor facility self-assessment platform leverages a comprehensive Assessment Library that is built upon the industry-leading knowledge of the VFA assessment team. Utilize VFA’s best practice domain expertise to collect the right data across a spectrum of building types.

Mobile Tablet Support – Designed to work across multiple mobile platforms including iPad, Android and Windows tablets, mobile surveys speed data collection by providing a secure, offline means of data capture. Surveys can be created and assigned to facility staff and maintenance personnel who can check-out the surveys to a mobile tablet and walk the facility easily collecting data. Data can then be synchronized with the VFA.facility® database for review.

Dynamic Reassessment and Data Refresh – The embedded data management functionality allows organizations to expose existing deficiency requirements within the survey. Previously captured requirements can be viewed and updated while in the field, providing facility staff with the means to reassess systems based on existing requirements or simply adjust the requirement status as projects are updated. Additionally, new requirements can be defined as needed. Upon approval, new requirements are uploaded and included for analysis and management in the capital planning system.

Targeted Building System Survey Creation – Enables organizations to tailor surveys to target specific building systems within a VFA.auditor survey. Targeted data collection promotes frequent facility data updates, leading to more accurate maintenance reporting and capital planning.

Real-Time Cost and Facility Condition Index (FCI) Estimates – View the estimated costs associated with the identified facility deficiencies while completing the survey. A survey-based FCI is also calculated to provide a relative “running index” of the building condition.

System Lifecycle Data Capture – Capture building system lifecycle-related data that drives the automated maintenance renewal tracking and reporting functionality in VFA.facility.

Survey-Centric Reporting – Manage survey assessment activity and the survey data collected from the field utilizing a robust set of business intelligence-based reports.