Gain a total picture of projected and actual costs for facilities maintenance and repair, capital renewal, and multi-year capital requirements with AssetFusion.

AssetFusion enables the integration of VFA’s facilities capital planning and management software, VFA.facility®, with a variety of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). By automating the exchange of asset and cost information between the applications, AssetFusion eliminates redundant data entry and streamlines the facilities budgeting, planning and management process.

AssetFusion allows organizations to:

  • Bundle condition requirements and create work packages for better control, tracking and scheduling
  • Develop accurate maintenance and capital budgets
  • Eliminate inconsistent and redundant data entry
  • Track inventory, labor and the progress of project execution through its capital planning system
  • Gain insight to optimize the total cost of ownership

AssetFusion for Maximo® enables the exchange of data between VFA.facility and IBM Maximo, giving organizations a facility capital planning and management that integrates work order, inventory, procurement and service management. This integrated system provides a comprehensive picture of both estimated and actual costs of maintenance, repair, and capital renewal.

AssetFusion for CMMS provides a toolkit that enables the integration of VFA.facility data with a variety of other CMMS products, allowing organizations to better understand the total cost of facility ownership by automating the exchange of complementary asset information, including daily maintenance and operations data, asset condition data and long-term capital planning information.