Fast Facts about VFA Software:

  • Our award-winning software has been designed and refined by FM and business professionals to combine ease of use with powerful analysis, what-if modeling, reporting, and graphics capabilities.
  • Our software is cloud-based, meaning you can access your data anywhere and anytime and you don’t need expensive, time consuming IT implementation and upgrade projects.
  • Our software incorporates industry standards including CSA/ASTM, BOMA, RSMeans®, and CSI. Cost estimates are derived from embedded industry-standard cost sources including RSMeans® and Building Cost Information Services (BCIS) and can include proprietary cost sources as well.
  • Our software optimizes your data collection and maintenance program by allowing you to assign and manage building surveys that can be collected quickly and consistently via mobile tablet. The data can then be reviewed and approved before being uploaded to the database.
  • Our software allows you to adjust costs and spending with inflation so that your plans today reflect the dollar value of tomorrow.
  • Our image library integrates photos of your assets into your analysis and record keeping and stores your photos attached to the relevant assets.
  • Our software can exchange information with CMMS and other facility-related systems.

VFA Software Offerings

Facility Management Software VFA.facility VFA.facility® - Industry leading Cloud data repository, analysis, and reporting solution for the creation of facility capital plans that drive strategic business results.

  • Produce compelling, detailed analyses, reports, and what-if models to support capital planning decisions
  • Forecast the impact of different spending levels
  • Ensure cost estimation accuracy
  • Prioritize budgets based on funding allocation
  • Benchmark progress
  • Integrate sustainability into the capital plan
 Facility Management Software Facility View VFA FacilityView* – Simple, secure, customizable access to key information about your real estate portfolio delivered to the desktop or a mobile tablet.

  • Connect the entire value chain – executives, department heads, risk managers, environmental or energy managers, building occupants
  • Quickly Find Assets
  • View Multiple Levels of Detail
  • Integrate data from other enterprise systems for actionable insights
Facility Assessment Software Auditor VFA.auditor®* – Right-size the cost of gathering and maintaining facility condition data.

  • Cost-effective self-service assessments and updates: Leverage existing facility staff knowledge with proven best-practice guidance.
  • Consistent: Standardized assessment solution ensures consistent data across an entire portfolio whether you use internal or 3rd party staff.
  • Efficient: use the latest mobile technology to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Credibility and Results: current data enables better decisions.
  • Integrated with VFA Facility for budget scenarios, prioritization and analytics
fm-software-site-linear VFA Site Linear Module* – Address the unique needs of linear (horizontal) and infrastructure assets.

  • Understand the condition of key infrastructure assets that support your day-to-day business operations, and identify specific areas of risk
  • Evaluate your complete capital requirements, including both buildings and linear / infrastructure assets in your funding analyses to better understand short term and long term capital needs and trade-offs
  • Effectively communicate condition and capital needs using maps, graphs and reports
Facility Budget Management Software Spend Manager VFA.spendManager® – Control ongoing capital spending against your planned budget

  • Control capital expenditure and optimize cash flow
  • Accurately forecast cash needs and provide ongoing cost estimates
  • Reconcile capital plans with actual spending
  • Prioritize capital needs relative to one another and with respect to strategy
  • Automate the purchase requisition process
  • Validate capital requests based on ROI, operational impact and strategic relevance
FM Software Plugin Asset Fusion AssetFusion® – Enables the integration of data from VFA.facility with a variety of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

  • Bundle condition requirements and create work packages for better control, tracking and scheduling
  • Develop accurate maintenance and capital budgets
  • Track inventory, labor and the progress of project execution through its capital planning system
  • Gain insight to optimize the total cost of ownership

*These software products require VFA.facility.

VFA provides a range of software services to assist organizations in customizing their solution to meet unique requirements, and integrating with other enterprise applications.