Facility Energy Assessment Service

Savvy facilities managers can realize significant energy cost savings from their facility capital investment decisions.  They can do this by learning the answers to these four questions:

  • How do my investments impact building operations and occupants?
  • What impact do these investments have on the environment?
  • What is the energy savings potential and ROI that results from making these investments?
  • How do I balance competing priorities such as deferred maintenance, capital renewal, sustainability, and energy savings potential?

VFA’s Facility Energy Assessment (FEA) service helps facility, energy and sustainability managers cost-effectively integrate energy conservation measures into their facilities capital plans.


1. What is our current energy use?

2. Where are my conservation opportunities in the short, medium and long-term?

3. What are the paybacks and ROI for each measure?

4. What projects do I implement that make sense in the context of my overall facilities capital plan?



We offer highly cost-effective services. Because most clients choose to have VFA capture energy data while conducting a facility condition assessment, the process is highly cost-effective.

We provide a holistic view that helps balance competing priorities. By integrating energy conservation measures into their facilities capital plans, clients are better able to communicate and balance competing priorities like deferred maintenance, capital renewal, and energy savings potential.

We can extend our Energy Assessment to a broader Green Building Assessment. For organizations that want to cost-effectively integrate sustainability as well as energy measures into their facilities capital plans, VFA’s Green Building Assessment (GBA) meets that need.  The GBA evaluates five areas of sustainability – energy, water, indoor environmental quality, sustainable sites, and materials – and includes the FEA.