Without the right information about the condition of your facility and building systems it’s difficult to plan for the needs of your facility assets. Not every organization has the ability to generate the kind of data they need to make those plans. That’s where VFA can help.

VFA provides a variety of facility condition assessment services aimed at collecting the information you need to optimize long term facilities investments. Whatever your needs, we help you determine the most cost-effective approach, ensuring an objective and consistent assessment process.

Facility Assessment Solutions


  • Modeling – Statistically-generated representation of expected renewal costs based on industry model of different building types [ learn more ]
  • Systems Lifecycle – On-site, system level assessment for asset’s capital renewal profile [ learn more ]
  • Standard Assessment – On-site inspection that utilizes a system template of the building type, expected costs, and descriptions with template driven short and long term requirements [ learn more ]
  • 5-Year Needs – On-site assessment for condition of assets over the next five years [ learn more ]
  • Comprehensive Assessment – On-site inspection that utilizes a system template of the building type, expected costs, and descriptions with customer specific short and long term requirements [ learn more ]
core facilities assessments

  • Energy – Capture energy data alongside condition data and develop energy audits with less time and expense than traditional methods using modeling software [ learn more ]
  • Green Building – Capture sustainability data alongside condition data, including energy [ learn more ]
  • Non-Structural Seismic – Evaluate the building’s non-structural systems in terms of risk of failure during a seismic event and identify the needs to correct with cost estimates [ learn more ]
  • Site Linear – Address the unique needs of linear and infrastructure assets and create a holistic approach that optimizes your capital planning for both building and linear assets together [ learn more ]
Specialized Facility Assessments

Why Choose VFA for Your Assessment

  • Tailored Solutions – Budget, building age, use, and mission relevance all factor into your solution design and each solution can incorporate multiple methodologies.
  • Industry Standards – VFA’s assessments are based on industry standards including CSA/ASTM, BOMA, RS Means, and CSI.
  • Experience – Our templates and models are informed by over 800 clients and over 4 billion square feet assessed.
  • Staff – VFA maintains one of the largest teams of dedicated assessment professionals throughout the world.
  • Objectivity – VFA offers no follow-on design, construction or program management services. Our only objective is to provide clients with the most accurate and complete information possible.
  • Ongoing Value – Our assessors deliver reports but also create a central database of asset information in VFA.facility. Cost estimates are derived from industry-standard cost sources including RSMeans® or Building Cost Information Services (BCIS) as well as proprietary cost sources.
Facility Condition Assessments:
Manpower, Data Consistency, Objectivity, and Scalability

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