VFA Green Building Assessments help organizations identify the best opportunities for enhancing the sustainability of existing buildings and sites.

We work with organizations to:

  • Define and track key performance metrics
  • Identify green opportunities, including costs and benefits of potential investments
  • Determine where to focus “green” dollars for the greatest impact
  • Integrate sustainability programs into the capital planning process

Our assessment teams focus on five key areas of sustainable buildings consistent with guidelines for LEED® for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance, and other 3rd party ratings systems: energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality and environment, site sustainability and materials and construction. Our services are based on an organization’s unique sustainability needs, goals and priorities.

  • Green Building Assessment in conjunction with a Facility Condition Assessment provides a holistic analysis of condition of the facility portfolio and recommends sustainable alternatives based on organizational priorities
  • Supplemental Green Building Assessment for organizations that already have detailed data about facility conditions and requirements
  • Sustainability implementation planning to meet specific goals for greening an existing building portfolio

Green Building Assessments identify and utilize the VFA.facility software for data collection and analysis including:

  • Recommended Actions Report, including costs and timeframes
  • Summary of expected benefits to occupants and environment
  • Estimated operational cost savings over a given time period
  • Comparative data on energy and water use, including reduction potential
  • Green action paybacks compared to conventional options
  • Detailed data on related building requirements and costs.