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Capital Budgeting Workshop

Make the best use of your limited funds. Facilitate building consensus within your organization about how to apply business goals and values to prioritize facility capital programs.Using proven processes and analytic tools, define and weigh criteria for evaluating capital projects. Then apply those prioritization criteria consistently to create and build consensus around a defensible capital budget. Deliverables:

  • Recommendations for the appropriate facilities capital budget team members
  • Agreed-upon prioritization criteria
  • Agreed-upon ranking of the decision criteria based on linkage to your organization’s priorities
  • Draft multi-year capital budget with funding alternatives that achieve your organization’s facility and business objectives

Discovery Workshop

Address the big picture of your asset portfolio. Align the management of physical assets with your organization’s strategic plans and long term goals. Working as your partner, VFA facilitates aligning your business goals, values and priorities to your facilities portfolio and capital planning activities.Deliverables:

  • Establish appropriate asset classifications
  • Identify criteria for capital versus operating expenditures
  • Determine funding sources and cash requirements

Facilities Capital Process Analysis Workshop

Align your organization’s current capital planning process with industry best practices. Review current business objectives and practices, functional roles in the organization, and the supporting technologies used. Identify, implement, and refine processes that best support a capital planning process that is linked to your organization’s mission and supports strategically maintaining your facility assets. Deliverables:

  • Discovery session to align organizational and facility objectives
  • Analysis of current capital process
  • Review of process vs industry best practices
  • Recommendations and roadmap of strategies for improvement

Facilities Benchmarking Workshop

Understand how your facilities compare to those of your peers. Utilizing VFA-supplied aggregate data from hundreds of organizations across a wide range of industries, VFA helps organizations:

  • Understand how their facilities compare to those of their peers in terms of condition, cost, replacement value, other key metrics
  • Determine the reasons for the comparative differences
  • Develop strategies for targeting improvements


  • Comparative peer group based on parameters such as market, region, asset use and type, and building system
  • VFA-provided aggregate data. (IFMA, ASHRE, Whitestone, and other data sources available)
  • Analysis across key metrics, including FCI, requirement costs per square foot, replacement value per square foot, asset renewal per square foot, system condition index, and percent of systems consumed

Risk Analysis & Mitigation Workshop

Reduce the risk to your business associated with your facilities.  Facilities impact a wide range of organizational risks, including:

  • Financial / Business continuity
  • Health and Safety
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Reputation / Brand

Assess your facility portfolio to understand:

  • Where is your greatest risk; today and in the future?
  • What can you do to reduce that risk?
  • How do you prioritize projects to address risk, given limited capital dollars?


  • Building models that rate the criticality of all Systems
  • Facility Risk Index that takes into account both the condition and the criticality of key systems
  • Budget Scenarios using the Facility Risk Index
  • Risk Analysis report