Contact us to learn more about our software customization services listed below.

Custom Software Development

Develop customized enhancements to VFA software products and complementary software applications to address specific business requirements. Enhancements may include:

  • Specialized financial analysis or decision support modeling tools
  • Interactive, web-based dashboards
  • Custom integrations
  • Other specialized value-added features

Software and Data Integration Service

Ensure that facility managers and capital planners have the data they need in one place, regardless of where that data is collected or stored. Integrate VFA software and data with other software systems and data in-use at your organization to support facilities management and capital planning. Data and Software Integration with systems for:

  • Analytic and planning processes
  • Managing maintenance activities (e.g. CMMS)
  • Computer-aided design and master planning
  • Asset management and finance
  • Web-based Portals

Custom Reporting & Dashboards

Make a winning case to busy executives and decision makers. Enhance standard VFA.facility reporting of facility asset data to create winning funding requests, meet unique business requirements, and integrate critical data from other systems. Enhanced reporting and dashboard capabilities for:

  • Executive, Shareholder and Stakeholder audiences
  • Ongoing benchmarking metrics
  • Specialized financial reporting
  • Custom views into particular groups of assets or systems