VFA’s Range of Consulting Services

Facilities Benchmarking Service
VFA employs aggregate data from hundreds of organizations across a wide range of industries to help individual organizations understand how their facilities compare to those of their peers in terms of condition, cost, replacement value and other key metrics. More importantly, we help them interpret the numbers, to understand what comparative differences mean for their portfolio and develop strategies for targeting improvements.

Data Maintenance Service

While organizations recognize the importance of accurate data for capital planning, they may lack the personnel, time or expertise necessary to keep this information up to date. VFA’s Data Maintenance Service helps organizations ensure that they optimally leverage their investment in facility assessments and continue to maintain an effective foundation for capital planning.

Working with customer staff, VFA professionals, experienced in the evaluation of facility conditions, provide updates and enhancements to existing data in VFA.facility® at regular intervals, typically biannually or quarterly. This process includes collection and review of relevant information, updates to VFA.facility requirements and actions, and preparation of a final report outlining all changes.

Facilities Capital Planning and Management Process Analysis

By evaluating an organization’s facilities and maintenance programs, VFA can help it define and implement a strategic facilities Capital Planning and Management Solution™ (CPMS) framework. This evaluation includes a review of current business practices, functional roles in the organization, and the supporting technologies used. Based on our findings and recommendations, we will then work the client to identify, implement, and refine processes that best support maintenance of its assets, capital planning, and organizational mission.

Portfolio Analysis and Alignment

VFA takes a “big picture” approach to analyzing your asset portfolio. We look at how the management of your operation’s physical assets aligns with your business plan and the long-term goals of your organization. Working as your partner, VFA will help you clearly define business priorities, establish appropriate asset classifications, identify criteria for capital versus operating expenditures, and determine funding sources and cash requirements.

Long-Range Capital Cost Analysis

Nothing can derail your budget or planning more than an unanticipated capital expenditure — especially one easily avoided with some preventative steps earlier on. VFA’s long-range capital needs analysis supports capital planning from five to 20+ years. Projecting investment requirements across multiple years using cost baseline data, VFA can identify demand trends and critical points in the lifecycle of your facilities, helping you prepare for “unanticipated” capital projects and estimate funding needs as well.

Capital Project Planning

Identifying the capital project that offers the most benefit to your organization sometimes takes an outside perspective. VFA collaborates with organizations of all sizes to target and plan capital projects that best align with business plans and organizational goals. With those factors and other important business drivers front of mind, we can help define the criteria for your capital project and prioritize accordingly. VFA’s capital project planning services include analysis of asset data, the creation of financial models, and the development of associated project reporting mechanisms for planners, management, executives, and other concerned constituencies.

Capital Budget Development
Creating an enterprise-wide capital budget can be a very subjective and political process. VFA offers a capital budgeting solution that focuses decision-makers on the most important business drivers. We help you to define and weight criteria for evaluating capital projects — then apply those criteria consistently to create a defensible capital budget that’s in line with your organizational goals and objectives.

Executive and Board Level Presentations and Reports

Winning support/funding for your capital request can depend solely on how well you make your case to busy executives and decision-makers. VFA has the analytical expertise to help you develop reports and presentations that effectively convey project findings for the varied constituencies involved in the approval process — without an overload of complex technical data. We also have a proven track record in helping our clients leverage those same project findings and technical data to support straightforward funding options.