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Advisory Services

Establish strategic facility capital planning programs that support the mission and strategic goals of your organization. Leverage VFA’s domain knowledge and manpower to move forward in planning and utilizing your facilities strategically.

Toward this end, in addition to its identified services, VFA also offers:

  • Analytic and consultative support: VFA experts can help your team utilize project findings and employ technical data to support optimal funding options. We can then help you develop and present more compelling funding requests and strategy discussions to executive, shareholder, and key stakeholder groups.
  • Long-range capital cost analysis and planning: Projecting investment requirements from 6 to 30+ years ahead using cost baseline data, VFA can identify demand trends and critical points in the lifecycle of your facilities, helping you prepare for ‘unanticipated’ capital projects and estimate funding needs.
  • Managed Services/Staff Augmentation: VFA Consultants can advise or supplement your own PM to manage a facility assessment utilizing VFA.auditor. This is often appropriate for projects that involve 3rd party FM outsourcing organizations.
  • Expert on Call: VFA offers a “hot line” to a Consultant to answer questions on any topic related to VFA software or capital planning. Common examples include how to best answer a complex or rapid turn-around question posed by a company executive.

VFA Data Maintenance Service

Better data = Better Decisions = Better Outcomes

For large organizations that are resource constrained in keeping their data up-to-date in-between major assessments.


  • Don’t allow data to become stale in-between assessment cycles
  • Record progress made in addressing requirements
  • Nominate new requirements as they arise
  • Ensure metrics such as FCI are up to date

Deliverables with Auditor:

  • VFA.auditor is used by customers to review and close existing requirement, open new requirement, retire system, create new system information, adjusting time and/or priority of needs.
  • VFA will custom design VFA.auditor templates to facilitate customer data collection. VFA reviews, approves, and manages incoming data and collection process. On approval, VFA.facility® is updated with changes provided by customer.
  • Output: Trend reports highlight data maintenance updates

Deliverables without Auditor:
VFA will:

  • Review completed projects with customer
  • Prepare the existing assessment data to align with those projects.
  • Update VFA.facility® with changes provided by customer.
  • Option to go on-site – close existing requirement, open new requirement, retire system, create new system information, adjusting time and/or priority of needs
  • Output: Trend reports highlight data maintenance updates

VFA Navigator

Leverage VFA’s expertise and technology to become self-sufficient in performing assessments. VFA Navigator is a program led by some of the most experienced Facility Assessment & Capital Planning consultants in the business. The goal of the service is to empower clients with the knowledge and skills to kickoff their own (recurring) assessment program, leveraging the VFA.auditor solution.

  • Domain Expertise – The program is implemented by the highly experienced VFA Consulting team
  • Guidance – Comprehensive end-to-end walk-thru of VFA.auditor software, process, workflow, and best practices
  • Onsite – A VFA Consultant is onsite, delivering comprehensive classroom training and hands-on assessment advice
  • Enhanced Support – Above the standard Help Desk support, VFA Navigator clients have a single point of contact (limited # of hours)