Creating an effective facilities capital planning and management program starts with compiling facility condition data. Without expert analysis and evaluation, it is difficult to understand how to interpret this data to create long-term capital plans in line with organizational goals and objectives. To that end, VFA offers a range of consulting services to help you interpret your data and create a framework for analysis and decision-making.

From evaluating assessment data and creating prioritization criteria, to developing capital plans and budgets, VFA can provide you with the expertise and insights you need to make the most from your capital investments. Working as a strategic partner, VFA can tailor our facilities capital planning services to your specific needs, to help your organization:

  • Maintain a current, centralized capital asset decision-support database
  • Develop cost-effective deferred maintenance reduction plans
  • Prioritize capital planning projects efficiently
  • Measure and maximize capital asset ROI
  • Create a business case for needed capital funding

Consulting Services Offered


  • Capital Budgeting Workshop – Make the best use of your limited funds. Facilitate building consensus within your organization about how to apply business goals and values to prioritize facility capital programs. [ learn more ]
  • Discovery Workshop – Address the big picture of your asset portfolio. Align the management of physical assets with your organization’s strategic plans and long term goals. [ learn more ]
  • Facilities Capital Process Analysis Workshop – Align your organization’s current capital planning process with industry best practices. Review current business objectives and practices, functional roles in the organization, and the supporting technologies used. [ learn more ]
  • Facility Benchmarking Workshop – Understand how your facilities compare to those of your peers utilizing VFA-supplied aggregate data from hundreds of organizations across a wide range of industries. [ learn more ]
  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation Workshop – Reduce the risk to your business associated with your facilities. Facilities impact a wide range of organizational risks, including financial, health and safety, legal and regulatory, and reputation and brand. [ learn more ]


  • Advisory Services – Establish strategic facility capital planning programs that support the mission and strategic goals of your organization. Leverage VFA’s domain knowledge and manpower to move forward in planning and utilizing your facilities strategically. [ learn more ]
  • VFA Data Maintenance Service – Better data = Better Decisions = Better Outcomes. This service is ideal for large organizations that are resource constrained in keeping their data up-to-date in-between major assessments. [ learn more ]
  • VFA Navigator – Leverage VFA’s expertise and technology to become self-sufficient in performing assessments. The goal of the service is to empower clients with the knowledge and skills to kickoff their own (recurring) assessment program. [ learn more ]


  • Custom Software Development – Develop customized enhancements to VFA software products and complementary software applications to address specific business requirements. [ learn more]
  • Software and Data Integration Service – Ensure that facility managers and capital planners have the data they need in one place, regardless of where that data is collected or stored. Integrate VFA software and data with other software systems and data in use at your organization to support facilities management and capital planning. [ learn more ]
  • Custom Reporting and Dashboards – Make a winning case to busy executives and decision makers. Enhance standard VFA.facility reporting of facility asset data to create winning funding requests, meet unique business requirements, and integrate critical data from other systems. [ learn more ]


  • VFA Training Services – VFA offers training online, on site and at our VFA facilities (Boston or Vaughan) to enhance our customers’ understanding and comfort level with VFA’s software products. [ learn more ]