Setting the Bar Higher

Letter from the CEO

VFA is enjoying a good year. Despite continuing economic pressures, we see our clients deploying innovative methods to ensure that their facilities are functioning well while continuing to support the organizational mission. We continue to increase market share and solidify our leadership position in a market we helped to create.

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the capital planning process. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have invested consistently and significantly in the development of our software, ensuring that our offerings are innovative and on the leading edge. One recent innovation is VFA.auditor®, our patent-pending, guided facility self-assessment software. This is an example of how we pass along more than 12 years of industry domain expertise and knowledge to our clients.

With VFA.auditor, users are empowered to collect their own facility data, either using mobile tablets or paper surveys. As a complement to a full condition assessment (FCA), self-assessments enable organizations to identify mission-critical or high priority buildings that require a full FCA. The benefits of guided, electronic data collection include quick and inexpensive budget estimates; elimination of errors due to unstructured data input; and with its quality-check workflow, it ensures comprehensive and accurate data. Additionally, assets that have been previously assessed using a detailed FCA can now be validated and updated using VFA.auditor. VFA.auditor is a tool that is evolving rapidly to support a growing trend in the industry for more structured, facility self-assessment capabilities. It is an excellent addition to our software portfolio and one that is indeed satisfying customer demand by providing an alternative and cost-effective means for capturing facility condition data.

I want to thank you for your insights and feedback on all of our products and services, which frequently leads to innovative software, new services or improved service methodologies. In fact, the genesis of VFA.auditor was a project done with a Federal client struggling to cost-effectively collect condition data with a very geographically dispersed portfolio of small buildings. We developed and deployed VFA.auditor, enabling the client’s on-site personnel to conduct guided self-assessments. This is just one example of the value we all gain from our collaborative relationship.

We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing our journey together.

Jerry Kokos
President and CEO, VFA