VFA SmartStart Solution Combines Assessment And Consulting Services With Industry-Leading Technology


Rapid portfolio expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and new regulatory mandates make it critical for facility managers and capital planners to quickly implement a capital planning solution so that they may understand the condition of their asset portfolio and build defensible plans and budgets. Time and budget constraints also demand that organizations be able to leverage existing facility data without requiring portfolio-wide facility condition assessments to get started. VFA SmartStart leverages VFA’s extensive domain knowledge, services and technology to provide organizations in the education, government, healthcare and corporate sectors with a cost-effective and rapid implementation of a facility capital planning solution.

“Creating an effective capital management program starts with compiling facility and infrastructure condition data and interpreting this data to create long-term capital plans in line with organizational goals and objectives,” said Scott Cormier, director, VFA.auditor®, VFA, Inc. “VFA SmartStart is ideal for customers looking to rapidly and efficiently customize their approach to strategic asset planning and management with VFA’s guidance. VFA SmartStart allows them to quickly implement a successful capital planning program.”

VFA SmartStart provides facility managers with a rapid implementation process that gives them the ability to easily model facilities and create metrics such as Facility Condition Index (FCI) and System Condition Index (SCI). The streamlined process has three phases:

  • Establish a Baseline–VFA Services can work with facility managers to quickly import existing asset data into VFA.facility®, VFA’s capital planning and asset management solution, and apply asset models based on VFA’s extensive library of templates.
  • Analyze–Facility managers can leverage a host of VFA.facility analytical tools to analyze their asset portfolio and create reports to understand what is in their portfolio, the conditions of each asset, remediation costs and funding priorities.
  • Act–Based on their analysis, facility managers can then prioritize action. They can target which assets require a detailed facility condition assessment, or use VFA.auditor, VFA’s self-assessment solution, to create self-assessment surveys to validate data, refine high level modeled estimates and capture additional asset data.

VFA SmartStart is available now. For further information, including pricing and availability, please contact VFA at 800-693-3132 or info@vfa.com.