Thomas Jefferson Foundation Maintains The Historic Property Of Monticello With VFA.facility® Software

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The Thomas Jefferson Foundation, owner and operator of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home, garden, grounds and plantation, has implemented VFA.facility® software to help maintain this historical property. VFA will provide a detailed facility condition assessment of the buildings and structures—compiling the information in a central repository of information about capital assets.

Thomas Jefferson began construction on Monticello in 1769 and it was largely completed in 1809. The only house in the U.S. designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Monticello is a destination for about 450,000 visitors every year. The Thomas Jefferson Foundation owns and operates Monticello, as well as a state-of-the-art Visitor Center, which opened in April 2009, the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies and the Jefferson Library, among others. The Thomas Jefferson Foundation was the recipient this year of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America’s 2010 Arthur Ross Award for Stewardship, recognizing preservation, upkeep and maintenance of an existing entity over time.

“The Thomas Jefferson Foundation is dedicated to our mission of education and preservation,” said Ken Mitchell, director of buildings at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. “The VFA software solution is a 21st century way for us to maintain our standard of care.”

The newly implemented software provides the Thomas Jefferson Foundation with tools and data helpful to managing its many facilities and building systems. VFA is collecting important information about the condition of these facilities and building systems to help advance its restoration project goals and optimize facility investments over the long-term.

VFA was the first in the industry to deploy a Web-based Capital Planning & Asset Management System (CPMS™) with facility assessment services and software that are used to manage more than three billion square feet of real estate. VFA’s experience with historic facilities in Virginia and many other states is significant and includes: James Madison University, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia Department of General Services, and virtually all agencies in Virginia required (by Appropriation Act C-194.10) to use VFA software for capital planning. Other client portfolios include state capital complexes in Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, and numerous historic facilities for the City of New York.