Is Outdated Facility Data Affecting Your Capital Planning?

Expert Insights - Susan Irving

Every organization struggles to keep pace with the ongoing changes in their facility portfolio. Projects are completed, new requirements are identified and priorities change. Yet you and your staff probably have limited time to maintain your asset data. This is where VFA can help.

We offer a cost-effective Data Maintenance service that helps VFA.facility customers maintain current information about capital asset conditions and needs. We do this by providing ongoing updates to VFA.facility asset data between assessment events. This service helps your organization keep facility condition data up-to-date and accurate as a basis for capital planning. Our Data Maintenance services will also improve the productivity of your in-house staff by reducing the time required to update asset information, create projects and produce reports.

The VFA.facility update process starts with a review of current requirements for relevant assets with your facilities team. We then collect relevant information such as completed work order reports, new requirements or project tracking forms from your team. We also identify opportunities to automate the update of requirement data (such as data exchange with an existing work order management system.)

The next step is to review changes with you and make needed updates to VFA.facility data including updates to existing Requirements, Actions and Projects data, creation of new Requirements and associated Actions, with related pricing, and grouping of requirements into Projects as appropriate, and updates to “Years Remaining” for Systems to reflect completed projects or new requirements that were not part of a prior assessment.

VFA then summarizes these changes in a final report that indicates all changes to asset information in the portfolio, and the impact on FCI and other metrics. Based on your needs, we can also help you define a Data Maintenance Program for your organization, generate and distribute periodic audit reports, or provide integration services to connect related systems (such as work order management systems) and automate data updates.

We know that you’ve made a significant investment in facility assessments. Our Data Maintenance service can help you extend the value of this investment by ensuring that you have an accurate foundation for capital planning decisions based on up-to-date asset data. This service will also help you improve the productivity of your in-house staff while better targeting the buildings most in need of re-assessment.

If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact please contact VFA at 800-693-3132 or info@vfa.com.