Celebrating Ten Years at VFA

Letter from the CEO

This year I celebrated my tenth anniversary with VFA, and I could not help but reminisce. There has been impressive growth, and a lot of changes. The company has evolved from solely providing facilities condition assessments, to providing a very comprehensive portfolio of facilities capital planning services and software, becoming a leader in an industry it helped create. To date, our flagship software product, VFA.facility®, is used to manage over three billion square feet of space in over 35 countries.

VFA introduced the concept of Capital Planning and Management Solutions (CPMS™) as the industry’s first integrated facilities capital planning approach with assessments, technology, and consultative processes at its core.

VFA’s facility condition assessment methodology has become an industry standard for providing consistency and accuracy. VFA.facility enables organizations to manage facility assets by providing a repository for information with the requisite decision support tools to create capital projects, plans and budgets.

VFA.auditor® was introduced as a self-assessment solution that captures VFA’s vast domain of expertise to facilitate data collection and analysis, while the addition of VFA.spendManager® provides a tool for managing and controlling the capital spending process.

AssetFusion® was created to integrate VFA.facility data with third-party applications, such as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). And, recently, the company launched VFA SmartStart™, a solution that leverages all of VFA’s offerings to quickly and inexpensively provide rapid insight into facility portfolio needs.

VFA also expanded its portfolio with more specialized services including sustainability, energy, and seismic assessments, along with equipment inventory services. VFA has become the market leader by maintaining capital planning as its focus, while broadening its portfolio of products and services to help clients interpret their data and create a framework for analysis and decision-making.

I am very proud of VFA’s growth and accomplishments. I remember when we were a group of twelve people, and today we have a workforce of 210 professionals. I would like to thank our employees for their many contributions and our existing and new customers for their loyalty and support. We will continue to strive to provide outstanding service and solutions for our customers.

I look forward to continuing our journey and the future successes we will achieve by working together in the years ahead.

Jerry Kokos
President and CEO, VFA