Practical Options for Facility Condition Reassessments

By Keith O’Leary, Director of Product Marketing, VFA.auditor and VFA.spendManager

VFA clients understand the advantages of having current, accurate facility condition data. On-going reassessments to obtain updated data is critical for creating accurate capital plans and defending budget requests.

One challenge many organizations face, however, is obtaining the necessary funds to conduct reassessments, given a host of competing budget priorities. Often reassessments are postponed due to more immediate budget requirements. Unfortunately, leaving reassessment projects to languish too long can have a significant impact on remediation projects, the ability to justify budget requests with current data, and the overall condition of the assets in the portfolio.

Knowing that the cost of professionally conducted reassessments can sometimes hit budget justification and approval hurdles, VFA offers an alternative approach to reassessments: software that enables your facility staff to reassess and update facility condition data – any time and on any building.

VFA.auditor® is a Web-based guided self-assessment solution that provides facility and building managers with surveys to rapidly collect facility condition data utilizing existing staff. It includes a pre-defined library of over 600 VFA-engineered and designed building systems templates that can be mixed, matched and assigned as needed for each asset. VFA.auditor works in tandem with VFA.facility capital planning and management software. It is an ideal solution for facility condition reassessments as well as the maintenance of existing condition data stored in VFA.facility. Stored building and system data can be populated into the surveys and facility staff can either use mobile tablets, laptops or paper surveys as they walk the facility, capturing and updating condition data.

VFA.auditor provides a cost-effective means for capturing and maintaining current facility condition data, enabling facility teams to develop defensible budget requests for deferred maintenance.

To learn more, check out a short video tour of VFA.auditor. If you have questions, please contact Keith O’Leary at koleary@vfa.com.