VFA Innovation Continues with New Site Linear Solution

On May 5, VFA extended its tradition of facilities capital planning innovation with the release of a significant new software capability: a Site Linear extension to VFA.facility.  Our new Site Linear module extends the power of VFA software to address the unique needs of linear and infrastructure assets – assets such as steam, water, electrical distribution systems, sanitary and storm sewers, parking lots, pedestrian paving and more. Its integrated design provides a holistic approach that lets you optimize your capital planning and management decisions for both building and linear assets together. Site Linear condition data can be gathered through VFA’s Assessment Services or by your assessment professions. The Site Linear software organizes all your assets into networks, combining both facilities and linear assets into integrated networks to provide you with a complete facilities capital planning solution.


The Site Linear capability allows you to:

  • Understand the condition of key infrastructure assets that support your day-to-day business operations, and identify specific areas of risk.
  • Evaluate your complete capital requirements, including both buildings and linear/ infrastructure assets in your funding analyses to better understand short term and long term capital needs and trade-offs.
  • Streamline the collection and maintenance of linear asset data in multiple ways: leverage existing data, collect data via VFA’s mobile technologies, or employ your own or 3rd party assessment professionals.
  • Effectively communicate condition and capital needs using maps, graphs and reports.

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