New Capabilities in VFA FacilityView

Released in November 2013, VFA FacilityView is an easy-to-use Web-based app that allows you to simply and securely share the value of your facilities information with a wide range of people in your organization.  VFA FacilityView unlocks the value of VFA.facility data for the stakeholders you choose – such as executives, department heads, risk managers, environmental or energy managers, building occupants or community members – providing quick and customized access to key information about your real estate portfolio, delivered to a desktop or mobile tablet.


At a glance, identify key information about a group of assets.

VFA FacilityView also allows you to show data from other enterprise systems, such as work order management or financial systems. Available at no additional cost to most customers, VFA FacilityView is a great way to make sure that key individuals in your organization are aware of all the hard work you and your team are doing!


View search results in List and Map views.

Over the past few months the VFA development team has been hard at work on expanding VFA FacilityView’s functionality.  There are now 18 individual panels (“widgets” for the software geeks among us) available in VFA FacilityView, as shown below.


Widgets available in the portfolio summary view


Widgets available in the asset detail view

For more information about the full capabilities of VFA FacilityView, visit our website.  For help in setting up VFA FacilityView and customizing it for your organization, email info@vfa.com or contact your VFA Business Director.