Did You Know?

Did You Know?

  • You can preview one of your buildings’ capital funding needs for the next 20 years in a few seconds? VFA offers a free app on our web site that lets you model a building’s capital funding needs by simply entering the building type, its age, size, and location. In seconds the model will show you:
    • When large spikes in spending will occur
    • What types of systems, such as HVAC, boilers, roofs, and electrical, will require replacement when and at what cost
    • The details of renewal costs by year or by system

Give it a try!


  • VFA offers recordings of all our educational webinars? Every month VFA hosts a free educational webinar presented by industry experts on a topic related to Facilities Capital Planning. We record those sessions and make them available to you through our web site. Recent Webinars have covered topics such as:
    • Take Your Facilities Career to the Next Level: 5 Key Steps
    • 3 Best Practices for Increasing Your Facilities Capital Budget
    • Tackling “Beyond Useful Life”: How to Prioritize Which of Your Facility Capital Projects Really Needs to be Done
    • IFMA’s Strategic Facility Planning Approach

Click here to access these and other recordings.