Preview your building’s capital
funding needs.

Would you like more insight into the upcoming financial requirements of maintaining your facilities? It can be hard to plan and budget when you lack the data or tools. How do you know what to do first? How do you prepare for the future? Is there a way to anticipate funding needs five, ten, even 20 years down the road?

VFA’s robust cloud-based software, VFA.facility, allows you to take today’s facility condition data and look into the future, so that you can develop accurate capital plans and budgets.

Try our Model My Building app to get a preview of what you can learn about your buildings and capital funding needs. You will gain insight into:

  • When large spikes in spending will occur
  • What types of systems, such as HVAC, boilers, roofs, electrical, will require replacement, including when and at what cost
  • The details of renewals costs by year or by system

Register now and gain access to these valuable reports. Once you register, you can run and print the reports multiple times for different building types.


Model Building Facilities Capital Planning Tool