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Virginia Dept. of Corrections

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The Virginia Department of Corrections (DOC) oversees the operation of the Commonwealth’s adult corrections facilities, including a system of approximately 47 correctional facilities housing 31,600 inmates. The Department’s total capital investment portfolio represents 1,820 buildings with approximately 9.8 million square feet of DOC-owned space.


The DOC was faced with aging correctional facilities and a corresponding increase in deferred maintenance requirements. It did not evaluate remediation needs and costs consistently across its prisons, and had difficulty aggregating this information effectively for capital planning.

The DOC needed a detailed understanding of current conditions, maintenance and repairs needs, and associated costs across its correctional facilities to make decisions about investing in renovations versus new construction. It also needed to be able to make an effective case for funding to the Virginia General Assembly, where it ultimately competes with other state agencies for capital funding. Finally, given limited capital funds, it needed better mechanisms for prioritizing facilities needs based on its mission.


A committee comprised of representatives from the DOC, the Department of General Services and the Virginia Secretaries of Finance and Public Safety selected VFA to both assess conditions and requirements within the Commonwealth’s correctional facilities and to provide VFA.facility® software to centralize this information and facilitate the development of capital plans and budgets. VFA also worked with the DOC to develop prioritization criteria for capital requirements, and implement an objective system for ranking capital needs in facilities across the state.


Today, the DOC has detailed, accurate data about facility improvement needs, and a software system to leverage this information effectively in the creation of capital plans and budgets. It can confidently develop capital improvement plans for submission to the Virginia General Assembly based on objective assessment data and a consistent method of prioritizing needs in support of its mission, and make a compelling case for funding.

Excluding bed space construction, the DOC’s total appropriation for capital and maintenance reserve projects increased from $19.3 million for 7 projects for the 2004 biennium to a requested $203 million for 181 capital and maintenance reserve projects for the 2006 biennium.

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