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The Ottawa Hospital

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Creating a Facilities Blueprint to Support Proactive Long-Term Planning at the Ottawa Hospital


The Ottawa Hospital is one of the largest academic health sciences center in Canada, serving more than 1.5 million people in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. Comprised of three campuses, TOH provides a full range of acute care services and a variety of specialty centers as well as education and research programs.


The hospital had not consistently documented or updated information about asset condition and building lifecycle components. The hospital had a portfolio of aging buildings and facility conditions that vary widely across campuses. Past assessment initiative often focused on a particular type of asset, such as chillers, leaving many gaps in information about the condition about the condition of the overall portfolio. TOH needed to have complete data sets to develop optimal capital plans and set their priorities efficiently.


TOH selected VFA’s CPMS (Capital Planning & Management Solution™) encompassing assessment services, decision-support software and business process consulting. Armed with assessment data of all three campuses, centrally contained in VFA.facilityв software, TOH gained a comprehensive picture of their facilities portfolio and the analytic tools to look across the portfolio to:

  • Identify which assets required investment
  • Determine which investments were most critical
  • Prioritize maintenance and renewal projects

VFA.facility has provided TOH with:

  • A “facility blueprint” to reference when prioritizing facilities projects and making long-term planning decisions for its portfolio
  • Strategic long-term capital planning capabilities to develop comprehensive capital plans and multi-year budgets, considering the impact of multiple funding scenarios on the overall Facility Condition Index
  • Tools for proactive facilities management to improve about existing facilities and equipment to create a state-of-the-art environment

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