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State of Missouri Dept. of Transportation

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The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) manages a state-wide transportation network with more than 32,000 miles of state highway and 55 major river bridges. In addition to managing construction and maintenance projects, MoDOT is also responsible for managing related facilities and infrastructure, including a portfolio of 1,750 buildings and related assets, ranging from fuel pumping stations to containment areas.


Over the years, MoDOT had created “home-grown” condition assessment processes and Excel-based systems to track the condition of its facilities and infrastructure. Two field liaisons were responsible for gathering information across the state’s 10 districts. However, data consistency and accuracy were an issue, to the point that district representatives questioned the data. And, because funding was allocated on the basis of the assessment results, MoDOT was forced to defend its decisions and any differences in funding between the districts.


The agency implemented VFA capital planning and management solutions, encompassing assessment services, assessment methodology training, and VFA.facility software, which gives both MoDOT headquarters staff and district facilities managers access to facilities data and planning tools. Using this system, districts manage the collection of building and infrastructure condition information, the creation of requirements and associated costs, and the assignment of priorities. Based on this data, MoDOT centrally develops state-wide capital budgets.


Today, MODOT can:

  • Reference a central database of facility information to answer a wide range of questions about its assets.
  • Compare facility data and capital requirements across the state’s 10 districts, identify high priority items, and readily integrate this information into capital plans and budgets.
  • Demonstrate funding needs for its entire building portfolio and communicate this information in a manner understood by financial officers.

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