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U.S. Army Medical Command

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MEDCOM manages health services for five million active-duty service members, retirees and their families. The organizations is responsible for the management and maintains of over 27 million square feet of health facilities, including medical treatment facilities providing preventive care, medical research, development and training.


Planning for capital investments at MEDCOM is an ongoing process because investment priorities change with the aging of the infrastructure, technological advances and change in methods of healthcare delivery. MEDCOM needed a process for maintain accurate information about the condition and needs of its health facilities, and tools to support it in making optimal investment decisions for the renewal, sustainment, restoration and modernization of those health facilities to support the Army’s mission as its priorities evolve.


VFA provides comprehensive condition assessments of U.S. Army medical facilities on a cyclical basis, ensuring that MEDCOM has accurate information for the developing capital plans and budgets for its medical facilities. MEDCOM also uses VFA.facility software to support multi-year capital budgeting and capital project planning across its facilities.


Today, MECDOM has a comprehensive database of deferred maintenance and required functional improvements across the Army’s health facilities portfolio. It can establish qualitative benchmarks for facility condition, accurately determine the required investment levels needed to support MEDCOM’s delivery of quality health services over time, and develop effective recapitalization plans for its full health facilities inventory. The agency has been recognized and commended by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations for its lifecycle and capital planning approach.

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