Making the Strategic Shift in Corporate Real Estate: Decisive and Disciplined Approaches to Capital Planning

This white paper explores the strategies, practices and processes that have set high-performance real estate organizations apart. It describes how facility management, projects and estate planning teams – whether they are within the organization or serving it as outsourcers – have tied their real estate approaches to strategic business priorities in a decisive and disciplined fashion. They have fully leveraged their real estate assets, managed their corporate risks and established a compelling way to translate their business priorities into informed real property decisions.

Download the White Paper to learn how to:

  • Align real estate strategy with strategic corporate imperatives e.g. workplace improvement, sustainability, etc.
  • Quantify the value and liability of your capital assets
  • Implement a capital asset management framework that gives all stakeholders visibility into the process
  • Use funding scenarios to gauge asset performance over time
  • Prioritize projects to enable corporate capital investments that yield the highest returns on facility assets

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