Ensure Cost Estimation Accuracy
Integrated cost data from RSMeans®, BCIS and lifecycle data from BOMA to ensure reliable cost projections. Additional third-party and proprietary cost data can be utilized with the built-in Cost Estimator.

Forecast the Impact of Different Levels of Spending
Cost forecasting tools allow organizations to predict costs and graphically explore the impact of different funding levels on facilities conditions.

Prioritize Budgets Based on Funding Allocation
Automate the selection of budgetary requirements based on hierarchical analysis and funding allocation.

Benchmark Progress
Configure benchmarks, such as the industry-standard Facility Condition Index (FCI), to compare assets across a portfolio or against industry data.

Produce Detailed Analytics and Compelling Reports
Powerful business analytics, query tools and reporting provide rapid access to the data needed to support capital planning decisions.

Integrate Sustainability into the Capital Plan
Evaluate and compare the cost, benefits and return on sustainability and energy based renewal and deferred maintenance initiatives.