VFA is continually called upon to develop innovative solutions for more effective facilities capital planning. VFA’s integrated solutions approach incorporates knowledge, experience and advanced technology to deliver a comprehensive solution for facilities capital planning and management.

Both process and technology innovations are core to the VFA business model and each is incorporated in the solutions we provide.

Flexible assessment methods to fit your specific needs

  • Efficient guided mobile facility condition self-assessments using current iPad and Android mobile devices
  • Cost-saving integrated sustainability and energy assessments providing comparison modeling against conventional remediation
  • Campus-based linear assessments incorporated into the capital planning process
  • Non-structural seismic assessments for both planning and disaster recovery

Sophisticated prioritization and forecasting methods to provide accurate, objective capital budgets and funding requests

  • Supporting complex hierarchical funding scenario modeling and decision-making
  • Prioritization-based budgeting driven by funding allocation
  • Multi-year lifecycle forecasting and automated system renewal tracking

Component inventory-level data collection improves insight into condition, validates funding needs

  • Utilizing mobile devices, barcode reading and RFID technology

Extensible integration simplifies processes, increases accuracy

  • Web services-based open API and CMMS connectors