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Evaluating FM Tools for Your CRE Toolbox

Evaluating FM Tools for Your CRE Toolbox

What FM Tools are you using to manage your corporate real estate? Consider the points below.   Spreadsheets Simple to do basic tasks, low cost No integrated source or cost data, manual population only Not scalable; large or complex tasks quickly becomes unmanageable Low-End Tools Typically database products; better than spreadsheets Limited analytics or what-if [read more...]

August 26, 2014

Meet Next Week’s Webinar Speaker: Ray Dufresne

Meet Next Week's Webinar Speaker: Ray Dufresne

Ray Dufresne, one of VFA’s co-founders 16 years ago, is an expert at helping clients turn data into knowledge that can positively impact their organizations. In his role as Vice President and Senior Consultant in VFA’s consulting group, Ray works with clients across the world in a variety of industries. Ray is the faculty speaker [read more...]

August 22, 2014

Color Me Happy – Another Artist Amongst Us

Ballons painting - James Dumeus

Ballons (means balloons) We used to fly kites all the time and I knew how to make them back in Haiti. I also loved beach balls growing up; I merged the two and paired different colors. My inspiration was combining two things that I enjoyed growing up in Haiti. Free-mind I created it after Thanksgiving [read more...]

August 8, 2014

Learning from L.A.

Learning from L.A.

The recent water main breakage in Los Angeles shines a spotlight on a problem that all too many Universities face: the risk of critical but aging infrastructure failing suddenly.  While not all failures may be as spectacular as several feet of water flooding streets and campus landmarks, the impact of key electrical, mechanical, plumbing, communication [read more...]

August 5, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the User Forum in Victoria

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the User Forum in Victoria

Huh? Get your questions answered! Get answers to your specific questions from both VFA experts and your peers. You can also answer VFA’s questions about what features are most valuable to you as well as provide feedback on future enhancements. We have questions for you, too! Have you met Bob? Networking! Grow your circle with [read more...]

July 31, 2014


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