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The Titanic’s Impact on Compliance & Disaster Planning


It may have been impossible to detect the iceberg that sank the Titanic, but the disaster plan onboard the ship was seriously lacking. If only there were some emergency scenarios previously mapped out, maybe there would have been enough lifeboats to go around. Though there were no mandates at the time regarding lifeboat occupancy requirements, [read more...]

April 11, 2014

Planning for Program Change after the Games

Athens Olympic Stadium

The $51 billion price tag of the Sochi Olympic facilities shone a bright light on the capital investment required to host the Games. Many financial analysts speculate that although the bid committees for the Games suggest financial benefits, many cities are left with aging structures that they need to support.  As the 2014 Olympics draw [read more...]

March 14, 2014

Super-Size It: The Evolution of Olympic Facilities

Hippodrome - Ancient Olympic Facilities

The Olympics originated around 800 B.C. and since then, a lot has changed. What was once a male-only, running-focused event has become a globally scaled, season-spanning and world-uniting spectacle of diverse athletics.  As the games have grown and evolved, so have the requirements of the Olympic facilities.  Many of the challenges faced by Olympic host [read more...]

February 21, 2014

Developing and Managing the 2014 Olympic Facilities at Sochi

Sochi Olympcs Aerial View

Developing and Managing the Sochi Facilities As athletes arrive from around the world and 3 billion people gather at their televisions, all eyes are on Sochi.  While the Games reward excellence in athleticism, our focus is on the Olympic size feat of developing the Sochi venue. Though our customers may not have staged such a [read more...]

February 7, 2014

If Your Facility Was in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

famous facility manager- star wars

In a galaxy far, far away, Governor Tarkin, commander of the Death Star, felt confident that his new space station/weapon of mass destruction was unstoppable. The facility was fully in line with the Empire’s objectives and he knew that even Darth Vader was pleased. The Death Star was designed to destroy planets and repel the [read more...]

November 15, 2013

Best Practices

Addressing FM challenges.

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