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The Power of the Funding Module – Part 3: Funding FCI Options

funding module fci options

Seeing the effects of different funding strategies overlaid on one chart allows you to understand the impact of different strategies on the condition of your portfolio. It also empowers you to clearly communicate to your finance department or funding body the effects of the different strategies. Each approach matches an investment strategy or a way [read more...]

October 7, 2014

The Power of the Funding Module – Part 2: Forecast Parameters

Forecast Parameters

The Funding Module allows you to adjust a variety of parameters to tailor the results to your business. For example, changing the inputs for Years and Inflation allows you to see the effects of the inputs on funding. Extending the time period for consideration allows you to see long term funding needs that may not [read more...]

September 30, 2014

FM Scorecard for Corporate Real Estate

FM Scorecard for Corporate Real Estate

      Evaluate your facilities capital program against the following set of questions. Evaluation Criteria Best Practices/Next Steps   How good are your data and analytical tools to make recommendations that will move the needle? Review existing data and tools Assess condition where necessary Analyze the data looking for opportunities, risks How well is [read more...]

September 9, 2014

Working CapEx and OpEx Together

Capital Expenses versus Operating Expenses

Capital expenses and operating expenses can be deployed to more effectively use your organization’s budget. Find out how! DEPLOYING CAPEX TO REDUCE OPEX Replace aging assets with more efficient alternatives prior to end of useful life Replace chillers or boilers with more efficient models to reduce energy spend Replace traditional roofs with new roofing alternatives [read more...]

September 2, 2014

The Power of the Funding Module – Part 1: Filtering by Geography and System

FM Software Funding Module

Funding Module Selection Screen allows you to set the scope of your funding analysis from portfolio wide to a specific building or system, or even by priority or the category of each capital need. The Power of the Funding Module – Hierarchy and Systems You don’t manage all your buildings the same way, and you [read more...]

August 27, 2014

Best Practices

Addressing FM challenges.

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