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Making the Case for Facility Funding with Defensible Data at Orlando Health

Orlando Health is one of Florida’s most comprehensive private, not-for-profit healthcare networks, and is based in Orlando, Florida. As Central Florida’s 5th largest employer, Orlando Health has over 16,000 Physicians, Faculty, and Residents. Comprised of nine facilities, Orlando Health has five leading community hospitals, three nationally-recognized specialty hospitals and one world-class cancer center.
Orlando Health began its community-based service in 1918 and through decades of success, expansion, and acquisition, its real estate portfolio has grown significantly and encompasses a variety of facility types and ages. With such an expansive and continually growing portfolio, the facilities management and engineering teams were faced with the need for more in-depth knowledge about their facility assets.Additionally, Orlando Health lacked an established process for defining and validating budget requests for annual renewal replacement costs. Annual budget requests were presented to a capital review and allocation board comprised of numerous senior management and finance executives. Requests were presented on a case-by-case basis and lacked a holistic view of the request as it related to the entire asset and portfolio.

In search of a solution, the Orlando Health facilities and engineering teams conducted an
extensive evaluation of the top facility assessment and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)
software firms. VFA, provider of facilities capital planning and management solutions,
was selected not only for assessment expertise and robust software functionality, but
also for more than a decade of experience, knowledge and proficiency in the healthcare
With accurate, current condition data and VFA.facility, Orlando Health now has a holistic,
multi-year view of the condition needs across the entire portfolio. They have the empirical
data and tools needed to make better decisions regarding capital investments, produce
reports that validate and defend their case for funding allocation requests, and establish
and justify an annual Capital Asset Renewal and Replacement Plan for approval by the
Orlando Health capital review and allocation board.

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