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Your Facilities Data Tells a Story

Your facilities play a critical role in helping your organization achieve its operational mission.  They also impact spending (both capital and operational), influence multiple types of risk (business continuity, health and safety, regulatory, and reputation), and sway the experiences of key stakeholders (customers, employees, and partners).

Securing appropriate capital funding for your facilities that aligns with the role they play in your organization does not happen by itself.  It requires accurate data, effective analysis, and compelling presentation to make your story heard amidst the other voices in your organization competing for scarce capital.  This is where VFA can help.

VFA’s products and services allow you to turn your data into a story that is well researched, well organized, and forward looking. By combining facility condition data with robust capital planning reporting and analytical tools, you can develop a strategic facilities capital planning program that is proactive, data driven, and mission centric. Whether you are concerned about just the next three years, or need to understand your capital needs for much longer, VFA can help you use knowledge of your facilities to develop your capital plan.

Get Data
Knowing what is in your facilities portfolio and what condition it is in is the first step. VFA empowers you to collect your facility condition data via a variety of assessment services that can be tailored to your organization. Our expert assessment teams have surveyed thousands of buildings across multiple industries including K-12, Higher Education, State & Local Government, Federal Government, Healthcare, Corporate and more. We also provide a mobile assessment tool to allow you and your staff to obtain and maintain your facility condition data through a self-assessment solution so you can continue to build a strong capital funding business case.

Analyze Information
You’ve invested in the data, and now you want to organize it into useful information. VFA offers software solutions that help your team turn the data into information to assist in making capital funding decisions that align with your organization’s goals. VFA’s software is cloud-based, meaning you can access your data anywhere and anytime and you don’t need expensive, time consuming IT implementation and upgrade projects. Our software has been designed and refined by FM and business professionals to combine ease of use with powerful analysis, what-if modeling, reporting, and graphics capabilities. We also offer configurable dashboards so you can share the information throughout your organization at the appropriate level of detail.

Use Knowledge
By being able to understand the facility condition and capital planning information across your portfolio, you have knowledge about your assets to help you make capital planning decisions. If you need assistance, VFA’s capital planning consulting services can help you polish your facilities’ story into one that will produce compelling business cases and multi-year capital plans. Visibility into current and future capital needs across the entire portfolio will provide you with a defensible capital plan, demonstrating the impact of appropriately funding facilities in alignment with the organization’s mission. The planning process is improved by making the decision criteria more transparent and data-driven, taking you from basic data, to asset information, to portfolio knowledge.

Let your facilities tell their story – with VFA’s help!
Learn more about how VFA’s Products and Services can help you ensure that your facilities continue to support your organization’s mission – and that you and your team are recognized for a compelling tale of facilities excellence.