Facilities Expertise. Advanced Software. Innovation.

Only VFA delivers a full strategic facilities capital planning solution because only VFA combines deep facilities expertise, advanced technology, and over 15 years of market innovation and leadership.

What is VFA?

VFA is a leading provider of facility assessment services, cloud-based facilities capital planning software, and capital planning services. We have offices in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and we are headquartered in Boston, MA. VFA, Inc., was formerly known as Vanderweil Facility Advisors, Inc. Vanderweil Facility Advisors was originally a division within Vanderweil Engineers in Boston and in 1998 was incorporated as an independent business entity. We officially have been called VFA, Inc. since 2008. In November of 2014, VFA was acquired by Accruent.

What makes VFA different?

Over 15 Years of Market Innovation and Leadership
  • Requirements and guidance from working with over 900 clients managing over 4B sq ft

  • Patented technologies and processes

  • Deep partnerships with customers to design innovative solutions that work in the real world

Deep Facilities Expertise
  • Holistic view of facilities portfolio: condition, energy, sustainability, risk, functional adequacy

  • Solution orientation that links facilities to business impact: prioritization, funding, process

  • Objectivity: singular focus on facilities capital planning, with no stake in the downstream remediation projects

Advanced Technology
  • Robust, secure, proven (10th generation) cloud-based software for facility and related data

  • Market leading analytics that drive actionable programs: prioritization, what-if modeling, planning & forecasting

  • Mobile solution that drives productivity gains and higher quality data

Learn more about VFA by viewing our company overview, meeting our executive team, or checking out our job opportunities.

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