VFA Announces New Facility Energy Assessment Service

November 21, 2013

Organizations Can Cost-effectively Identify and Integrate Energy Conservation Measures into Facilities Capital Plans and Budgets

BOSTON—November 21, 2013—VFA, Inc., the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management, today announced a new Facility Energy Assessment service to help facility, energy and sustainability managers cost-effectively integrate energy conservation measures into their facilities capital plans.

VFA’s Facility Energy Assessment service enables organizations to integrate energy investments into capital plans and budgets by capturing energy data alongside facilities condition data; using innovative energy modeling software to develop less expensive energy audits more quickly than traditional methods; identifying how energy is used in a building; quantifying energy conversation measures that have the most viable payback periods; and benchmarking against similar buildings with direct links to Energy Star.

The Facility Energy Assessment service delivers results that are consistent with ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 energy audits, while including the lifecycle analysis that is core to a robust facilities capital plan. VFA works with organizations to leverage the analytics – prioritization, what-if modeling, planning and forecasting – in its flagship facilities capital planning software, VFA.facility®, to drive actionable facilities programs.

“According to the International Energy Agency, buildings consume approximately 40 percent of the world’s primary energy,” said Jerry Kokos, president and CEO, VFA, Inc. “By integrating energy conservation measures into their facilities capital plans, organizations have a holistic view that enables them to balance competing priorities like deferred maintenance, capital renewal and energy savings potential when making informed capital investment decisions.”

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