VFA Providing Green Building Assessments for U.S. Food & Drug Administration

February 2, 2009

Assessments Aid FDA in Integrating Sustainability Programs into Its Capital Plan

BOSTON – February 2, 2009 – VFA, Inc., the leading provider of solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management, to assess the condition of its buildings and identify opportunities for greening existing facilities. VFA is working with the FDA to integrate sustainability objectives into its criteria for evaluating capital projects, and to implement a process for generating capital budgets that incorporates green priorities.

The assessment program combines VFA Facility Condition Assessments with Green Building Assessments. VFA will provide the FDA with an evaluation of the physical condition of approximately 46 buildings that the agency owns, which were previously assessed by VFA in 2005. In addition, VFA will provide an analysis of greening opportunities in key areas such as energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality and water conservation.

“Federal agencies are increasingly focused on reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable building operations, as outlined in Executive Order 13423. However, they must consider greening initiatives in the context of many other priorities,” said Jerry Kokos, President and CEO of VFA, Inc. “The FDA recognizes the importance of integrating sustainability programs into its long-term capital plan to reduce total cost of ownership and promote sustainable operations.”

The FDA is utilizing VFA’s Capital Budget Development solution to support the incorporation of greening priorities into the agency’s capital planning process. The FDA, which uses VFA.facility® software for capital asset management and planning, is employing the software’s Budgets module to generate capital budgets based on a variety of organizational priorities, including the greening of existing building operations.

The current assessment encompasses FDA buildings in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, Maryland and Puerto Rico. The facilities include laboratories, office buildings, storage facilities and maintenance shops.

The approach used to evaluate greening requirements in FDA facilities combines VFA’s best-practice Green Building Assessment Services with the methodology developed by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Sustainability Working Group, which incorporates the guiding principles of Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings.

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