Exclusive Webinar: Why You Should Break Free of Spreadsheets for Facilities Capital Planning

January 4, 2013

Date:  Thursday, 31 January, 2013
Time:  2:00 PM GMT
Length: 30 minutes
Fees: This webinar is complimentary
Location: Available Online Using WebEx

 Most managers in charge of capital planning find spreadsheets useful for storing, organising and reporting on data. However, for effective capital planning of large property portfolios, without tools such as cost estimation using current BCIS data, objective pairwise ranking of projects, not to mention centralised, accessible data storage and the ability to scale, the static, limited nature of spreadsheets falls short.

Migrating from a dependence on spreadsheets to a Web-based facilities capital planning and management solution supports the dynamic nature of facility condition data and enables strategic decision-making.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn how other organisations are using capital planning and management solutions to:

  • Objectively measure relative condition across the portfolio
  • Justify budget requests with accurate condition data and built-in industry cost/lifecycle information
  • Link to valuable data in other systems, such as a CMMS
  • Run funding scenarios to demonstrate the impact on condition over time, enabling development of effective capital budgets

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