The Power of the Funding Module – Part 1: Filtering by Geography and System

August 27, 2014

FM Software Funding Module

Funding Module Selection Screen allows you to set the scope of your funding analysis from portfolio wide to a specific building or system, or even by priority or the category of each capital need.

The Power of the Funding Module – Hierarchy and Systems

You don’t manage all your buildings the same way, and you may want to analyze your portfolio on a more granular level. For example, a retailer may have separate capital investment goals for its flagship stores versus their warehouses. Another example would be an organization that is geographically dispersed; some campuses may have concerns specific to their location that are not shared across the portfolio. Finally, you may have a building (asset) that is quite different from the rest of your portfolio, whether it’s a lab, historical building or stadium. Being able to hone in on varying financial needs allows you to get a better understanding of your required funding and the resulting asset conditions.

Taking a system-focused view of your funding allows you to consider purchasing decisions. Narrowing the funding module to specific systems enables you to consider system replacement decisions and opens up the opportunity for cost savings if these systems can be grouped for replacement and bought in larger quantities. Visibility into future purchases also gives you lead time to source and compare contractors.

Regions, Campuses and Assets

You can determine just how much of your portfolio you’re analyzing by narrowing the region, campus or asset selected. While ‘Region->Campus->Asset’ is the default hierarchy configuration, it can be adjusted to match your organization’s naming conventions. Another example of how to structure a hierarchy could be ‘Brand->Operating Unit->Store.’

Facility Management Funding Software

Visibility into spikes and capital needs over long term period gives you the ability to communicate these needs as they relate to specific assets. This graph shows the funding required to maintain the condition of a specific building in your portfolio.


You can run a funding forecast based on specific systems, like HVAC, roofing or elevators.

System filter for funding module in FM Software

You can use the selection screen to narrow your analysis to specific buildings and specific systems. In this example, we are examining the HVAC system in 2 specific buildings (assets).

Funding Analysis for FM Spending

This graph shows the 20 year outlook for the HVAC system in the 2 selected buildings. This view allows you to see and prepare for spikes in spending. Or look across all your buildings and take advantage of bulk purchasing opportunities.

The Funding Module is a part of VFA’s facility capital planning software VFA.facility.

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