VFA Announces Next Innovation in Capital Asset Planning: Integrates Site Linear Capabilities in Facilities Capital Planning Software

May 13, 2014

VFA.facility and VFA.auditor Now Incorporate Linear Assets to Optimize Capital Planning Decisions Based on a Holistic View of Building and Site Assets

BOSTON—May 13, 2014—VFA, Inc., the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management, today announced that its flagship facilities capital planning software product, VFA.facility®, will now incorporate site linear assets, in addition to building assets, into a facilities portfolio to help organizations make better, more comprehensive facility capital planning decisions.

Now organizations can collect, analyze and manage information about both facilities and the linear assets that support them within a site, such as steam and electrical distribution systems, sanitary and storm sewers, and parking lots and paving systems.  This ability provides them with a more comprehensive view of their real estate portfolio’s condition and investment needs, giving them insight into total deferred maintenance and the tradeoffs inherent in capital budgeting.  With the added ability to group assets into multi-level networks and view these networks on maps, they can better visualize conditions across a campus.

VFA.auditor, VFA’s guided self-assessment solution, will also support mobile data collection and cost estimation related to linear site assets with new and updated requirement models. VFA will continue to provide linear asset assessment services to its clients, leveraging these software products.

“Our clients spoke and we listened. Site linear assets represent a significant portion of an organization’s overall portfolio,” said Jerry Kokos, president and CEO, VFA. “VFA is committed to offering our clients the tools to easily visualize and manage site linear and building assets in their facilities portfolio, enableing them to make sound facilities capital planning decisions.  Integrating robust capital planning for buildings with site linear data and analytics, and offering associated assessment services for both, represents yet one more innovation that VFA is bringing to clients.”

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