Evaluating FM Tools for Your CRE Toolbox

August 26, 2014

FM tools for CRE What FM Tools are you using to manage your corporate real estate? Consider the points below.


FM Tools for CRE


  • Simple to do basic tasks, low cost
  • No integrated source or cost data, manual population only
  • Not scalable; large or complex tasks quickly becomes unmanageable
Facility Management Tools

Low-End Tools

  • Typically database products; better than spreadsheets
  • Limited analytics or what-if scenario planning
  • Limited field data collection capabilities
Facility Management Tools

IWMS Tools

  • Strong for space planning, project management, CMMS
  • Much more granular than required for capital planning
  • Weak capital planning capabilities
  • Complex, multi-year implementation effort required
Facility Management Tools

Enterprise Class Facilities Capital Planning Tools

  • Best-of-breed functionality, analytics, scenario planning
  • Multiple approaches to collecting, maintaining consistent data
  • Simplifies management of large or complex portfolios
  • Integration with IWMS components available

Learn more about how our clients in the corporate space have implemented successful capital planning programs using VFA’s FM tools.

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