Color Me Happy – Another Artist Amongst Us

August 8, 2014

Ballons painting - James Dumeus

Ballons (means balloons)

We used to fly kites all the time and I knew how to make them back in Haiti. I also loved beach balls growing up; I merged the two and paired different colors. My inspiration was combining two things that I enjoyed growing up in Haiti.

Free Mind Painting James Dumeus


I created it after Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago. I was inspired to create and had ideas about combining these colors together and colors make me happy. Happiness was the inspiration behind it.

Crowns Painting James Dumeus


I took inspiration from one of my favorite artists, Jean-Michel Basquiat, who is famous for making these crowns. I tried different shapes, added colors and put my own aesthetic to something that’s been done already.

Portrait Painting James Dumeus


I wanted to do something that looked like a 7 or 8 year old created it – how I would draw myself at those ages if I were making a portrait of me – and it’s also based on a real picture. The intention was to make it look like a childlike creation done with crayons but I used watercolor and acrylic to give it those textures.

The Cool Self Portrait Painting James Dumeus

The Cool/Self-Portrait

I call it “The Cool” because it’s cool and “Self Portrait” because that’s really what it is. The skeletal/zombie head represents mood, thoughts, emotions and feelings. The crown is for life, the heart is for love and the cross necklace is for my religious beliefs. Overall, it’s about trying to balance all these things.

Childhood Memories Painting James Dumeus

Childhood Memories

I love colors and I also love stars so I just merged the two together to create an awesome piece. And the reason it’s called “Childhood Memories” is because those are the things that I remember liking a lot when I was a child.

James Dumeus Painter Artist

About the Artist

James Dumeus is a Project Assistant at VFA and works out of VFA’s headquarters in Boston, MA. James was born and raised in Haiti and you can see this influence in his work. James works mainly in acrylics and watercolors on canvas.

James is also a collector and co-photographer for Sole Conscious. “My art inspiration comes from my childhood. I was always into art so it was only a matter of time before I started creating my own. I am also into photography, fashion, sneakers and everything creative, which is what Sole Conscious is really about. It’s a creative outlet that merges all these things together with class and integrity.” Check it out!


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  1. Robert Dodd says:

    Well done Dumeus!!

  2. James, thanks for sharing! I particularly enjoyed the self portrait – well captured!

  3. Julie says:

    Nice work James, looks great!

  4. jim summers says:

    james, your work is very cool. I never knew how talented you are!
    thanks for sharing.

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