What’s New: VFA.facility and FacilityView

July 23, 2014

VFA.facility and FacilityView Product News

VFA.facility® 10.5.3

  • Updates to Set Up Instructions
    • Supported Versions of Internet Explorer Set up instructions have been updated for the currently supported versions of Internet Explorer, IE 10 and 11.
    • FacilityView Supported Browsers Information on supported browsers for FacilityView has been added to the VFA.facility set up instructions.
  • Automatic Population of Asset Map Longitude and Latitude
    • If an Asset has a mappable address, then it’s “Map Latitude” and “Map Longitude” fields will be automatically updated when the address is entered.

    Asset Map Coordinates

  • Mapping and Reporting on Multiple Network Levels
    • In the Network Manager “Map” tab, you may optionally view a map including all Assets at the selected Network level as well as any levels below. Note that any report you generate includes all Assets in all levels of a Network.


VFA FacilityView™ 1.1.4

  • Nightly Downtime Minimized
    • Each client’s FacilityView site is unavailable only during the period updates are being applied for that site. For the average site, this period will be less than 10 minutes. Site updates begin at 11 pm Eastern.
  • Update Alert Message
    •  If a user tries to access their FacilityView site when the nightly update is running, they will be alerted that the update is in process (rather than simply being unable to log in).

For more details about the features listed above, check out What’s New in VFA.facility 10.5.3 (PDF).



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