Top 5 Reasons to Attend the User Forum in Victoria

July 31, 2014


Huh? Get your questions answered!

Get answers to your specific questions from both VFA experts and your peers. You can also answer VFA’s questions about what features are most valuable to you as well as provide feedback on future enhancements. We have questions for you, too!

Networking Opportunities

Have you met Bob? Networking!

Grow your circle with our networking opportunities. Talk to other professionals in your industry about solutions to common problems and software features that you find valuable. You can always keep in touch and extend your online network via the VFA LinkedIn Forum.


Wait, how’d you do that? Get a demo!

Sometimes it’s easier to learn in person. Grab a front row seat in our demo room and see the software in action. Ask questions along the way and chat with your demo neighbor about potential uses for our new features.  We incorporate your feedback every year to make sure the demo sessions meet your needs.

Customer Appreciation

It’s Customer Appreciation Day!

In addition to providing valuable content to our customers, the User Forum is also a way that we at VFA like to show our customer appreciation. And who doesn’t like feeling appreciated? Our Wednesday night reception at the Butchart Botanical Gardens is a great time to share the love while also sharing some food, drinks and stories from the past year. Explore the amazing gardens and appreciate the natural environment of Victoria.


Photo Credit: Tourism Victoria

So much to see and do in beautiful Victoria!

  • The Royal BC Museum – A stone’s throw from the Fairmont Empress, this museum features exhibitions on the Vikings, The Great War, both Natural and Human history collections, and an IMAX theater.
  • The Maritime Museum of B.C. – Victoria is rich in maritime history. Learn about pirates, shipwrecks and explore the museum’s featured exhibits, including ‘Canada’s Titanic – The Empress of Ireland.’
  • Chinatown Walks – take a walking tour of the oldest Chinatown in Canada.
  • Bastion Square – Located in the heart of downtown Victoria, this square features several restaurants, cafes, and a public market Thursday through Saturday.
  • Whale Watches – Go on a guided marine adventure and explore the natural wildlife of Victoria’s waters, including 3 pods of resident orcas totaling over 80 whales.

Now that you’re convinced…

Visit our Justify Your Trip page to convince your manager!

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