World FM Day: 5 Ways Strategic FM Connects the Dots

June 3, 2014

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Connect with Your Data
Cloud computing has now made it even easier to stay in touch with your data. Whether it’s managing a multi-site facility or leveraging tablets to update your facility database in real time, FM has caught up to other professions already leveraging the power of data analysis.

Connect with Your Facility
Having an accurate view of the condition of your facility is essential to decision making and planning. Up to date and reliable condition data lets facility managers prioritize projects, budget effectively, and mitigate risk.

Connect with Your People
Proactive FM allows you to communicate clear goals and incorporate all your staff into achieving those goals. FMs can now deploy their staff more efficiently by leveraging technologies like tablet-based condition assessment surveys.

Connect with Your Stakeholders
Speaking the language of the boardroom and having the metrics to back up your plans are necessary skills for the FMs of tomorrow. Having tools that allow you to communicate your plans through meaningful data and graphics lets you move your plans forward and get the funding you need.

Connect with Your Organization
Connecting with your facility, staff and stakeholders also allows you to connect with your organization as a whole.  A strategy minded FM can be sure that facilities match both the mission of the organization while also being in tune with the goals of the organization, whether those goals are growth, green, and so on.

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