VFA FacilityView Named Buildings Magazine Money Saving Product

June 13, 2014

Buildings Magazine Money Saving Products WinnerWe’re excited to announce that VFA’s web-based solution VFA FacilityView™ has been recognized as one of Buildings Magazine’s 2014 Money Saving Products.

How was the award determined?

Finalists were evaluated by the BUILDINGS editorial staff for the money-saving qualities they offer to building owners and facility managers in areas such as energy consumption, water savings, lighting, envelope improvement and maintenance.

What is VFA FacilityView?

VFA FacilityView provides quick and secure access to key information about an organization’s real estate portfolio. Accessible on a wide range of devices, VFA FacilityView lets you easily view information about facility assets, including use, location, condition, replacement value, and funding needs.

You can also integrate related information from other enterprise applications, such as work order management or financial systems, putting this data in a broader business context.

With VFA FacilityView, you can easily connect your executives with relevant facilities-related data regardless of whether the data is in VFA.facility® or third-party software. You’ll be able to better make and justify strategic decisions; provide an understanding of investment needs and priorities to building users and community stakeholders; and demonstrate the critical role that your facilities play in support of organizational objectives.

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