What’s New: VFA.auditor v4.9

May 27, 2014

VFA.auditor Product News

VFA.auditor v4.9 Key Features

Mobile Approval – Phase I

  • Now clients can enable select users to collect and approve facility assessment information right from the Auditor Mobile app.
  • New functionality detects when users are setup as both the Survey “Responder” and “Approver” – enabling an “Approve” button.
  • This feature will help our own assessment teams avoid a few extra steps in the Auditor workflow.

Updated Mobile Library

  • Although VFA library updates are instantly available within Auditor we wanted to highlight this new set of content that was made available a few weeks ago.
    • 200+ New System Models (Uniformat G) are now available when you re-load the Mobile Library (simply press the Load button in Settings)
    • 20+ New Uniformat Categories for quick navigation to the desired System model
    • Over 1,000 New Requirement Models empowering assessors with pre-configured, site related deficiencies, when assessing facilities.

Enhanced System Details and Interaction

  • New System Condition Field –  This new field was introduced in VFA Facility’s last release and is now available within Auditor.
  • Copy Support for Custom Systems – Up until now, Copying was limited to VFA Library-based or “Linked” Systems. This release expands the Copy feature to support any System (Standard or Custom).

auditor 4.9

System Condition Field

Enhanced access to “Split” Requirement feature

  • The “Split” Requirement feature is now accessible from wherever you have Requirement data – Asset Requirement List, System Requirement List, and Requirement details.

For more details about the features listed above, check out What’s New in Auditor v4.9 (PDF). Don’t have VFA.auditor? Check it out!

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