Prioritization Webinar Poll Results & May Webinar Announcement

May 1, 2014

Ever been shocked by the cost of your organization’s deferred maintenance? In our April 29 prioritization-themed webinar, VP of Professional Services Peter Scanlon discussed how to create a prioritization strategy that works with your organization’s needs and budget. We asked attendees a few poll questions to learn more about their strategies and budgets. See the results below.  [ Missed the webinar? View the recording. ]

Peter suggests assign deferred maintenance requirements into “budget buckets” that work for your organization. We asked attendees, “What would you call YOUR budget buckets?”  Some of the answers included:

  • Aesthetics
  • Code/ Life Safety
  • Energy
  • Mission Critical
  • Program
  • Recapitalization
  • Run to Fail
  • Strategic Initiatives

We also asked attendees what they spend annually – this graph shows the results.  Over half of attendees said that they have between 0 and $5 million to spend. Creating budget buckets and, going building by building, assigning deferred maintenance needs to those buckets, lets you see what really needs to be done in the next year and how much you really need to spend.


prioritization webinar poll results


May Webinar Announced

Register for our May29 webinar, “Your Building AND Linear Assets – Get the Whole Story.” Attend this live webinar and learn how the integration of site linear capabilities in VFA.facility and VFA.auditor lets you optimize your capital planning and management decisions by enabling you to collect, track, analyze, report on, and maintain data related to both building and site linear assets.

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