FacilityView & VFA.facility Update

May 19, 2014

VFA.facility and FacilityView Product News

Highlights of what’s new in FacilityView™ 1.1.3 & VFA.facility® 10.5.2.

VFA FacilityView™

  • Map updates:
    • The Map in the Summary View is now expandable to full screen size.
    • Multi-point Assets are displayed on maps in the Summary and List Views.
    • In List View, optionally view map with Assets color-coded by FCI.
  • Asset View updates:
    • Browse all photos associated with an Asset.
    • A new Asset Energy Use panel shows energy use and cost by month.
    • A new Asset Survey Status panel shows any VFA.auditor surveys associated with the Asset.
    • The Requirement panel table may be sorted by column.  Column headers remain visible when scrolling.
  • Panel information:
    • View a description of the contents of each panel by clicking the information icon on its title bare.


Asset Energy Use Panel


  • A new Photo Count column has been added to the System List View, displaying the number of photos associated with the System.
  • When creating custom fields that use drop-down lists, optionally set the default value to be used.
  • Provide VFA with custom locations to be used in for RSMeans or BCIS cost sources, with a percentage increase or decrease in cost from the standard base location you specify.
  • Several updates have been made to French translations.  Note the “FCI” is now “IÉI” (Indice de l’état des installations).


facility software update photo count

Photo Count Column

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